Excellent show. Several days later and we're still laughing and imitating Kendra! - J. M

Such a great night out! Anne Marie, you rocked it with your incredibly honest, hilarious and poignant take on life after marriage. Thank you for bringing your heart and experience to the stage! - G. P.

So awesome - so raw, so brave and SO funny!!! - S. C.

She was unbelievable! - H. S.

GO SEE THIS SHOW!!! You will Not be sorry!!! - B. L.

Anne Marie Scheffler, you and your show are an inspiration to all of us single guys and dolls. Tinder on, Anne Marie. We will always swipe you to the right! - M. W.

Your show is amazing!- M. L.

Last night's performance was fantastic, with a perfect balance of excellent acting, insightful writing, and comedic talent. - S. M.

We saw MILF LIFE CRISIS last night & our cheeks still hurt from laughing. Anne Marie is a comic genius and incredible woman taking on the challenge of midlife dating (after divorce). YOU SHOULD SEE THIS IF: You are midlife, separated, divorced, dating, or in a relationship, a young guy with a thing for Hot Mamas, or if you just need a good laugh. - D. B.

Anne Marie's show is the funniest hour you will spend in Toronto with your clothes on. I urge everyone to catch her last show. - M.W.

Anne Marie Scheffler is Brilliant in her new one-woman comedy “MILF Life Crisis.”
Anne Marie is a one-woman show phenomenon. As a Second City alumna, for years she has written and performed in seven very amusing, smart and sold-out one woman shows throughout Canada and the United States. Her most recent show, premiering at the best little show house in Toronto, the Red Sandcastle Theatre in Leslieville, “MILF Life Crisis” is definitely her sharpest, funniest and most moving show. Anne Marie’s writing and acting hit really close to home. Literally. We learn from the play’s theatre notes, that this play is based on Anne Marie’s own life, which is in the midst of divorce, co-parenting issues and crazy, sexy single mom dating.

As a result, the jokes and dead-on observations come from some very dark, funny and sad places. The best and richest, type of humour.

I was most impressed with Anne Marie’s craft as an actress. Throughout the play, Anne Marie, through mere inflections of tone and subtle mannerisms- naturally transforms from innocent loving wife and mother, to sad and sex-starved single mom, to hot, drunk, Tinder MILF,( hot mothers we love to Facebook) and then to wiser liberated lover and ex wife.

Anne Marie also brilliantly plays her chorus of supportive friends- Nympho Kendra- who solves her single divorced status with multiple lovers and Sappho Terry- her very wise/ no BS and drop dead funny lesbian friend. Anne Marie’s portrayal of Nympho Kendra was double and triple bang on.

The one hour show flies by. I was in an audience of 40 women- 5 guys. We all laughed our asses off throughout.

The Red Sandcastle is a perfect venue for Anne Marie’s show. As we all are literally up close and personal with Anne Marie as she comically, movingly and sexily unravels and exposes her life, under a symbolic disco ball, before our very eyes.

This is a show for all single and married women and the men who want to Tinder, Facebook or love them. Below is a teaser trailer video of the show.

I strongly urge you to catch this show, while it’s still in Toronto.
Mitch Wolfe, Reviewer


Awesome show AnneMarie ...I was the out of control laughter girl in the front row ...You were fantastic ...really enjoyed your show ....Please come back you are awesome. i def want to take my husband next time

LOVED your show tonight!!!,😍😀😘

Hilarious and so bang on lol so glad I got a ticket front row center🎊🎉😍

You were amazing last night! Every Mom should watch you perform. And then watch you again with their husbands. You touched me on an emotional level in more than one way. Last night was just what I needed. Thank you.

Such a great show tonight!!! You are so talented! I could relate to it all! Wow. You nailed motherhood! Gillian Parekh
OMG. My sides are so sore this morning-we had SUCH a great time last night! You are brilliant! make me laugh from the centre of my being. .. I was totally exhausted after your performance..! Thank you. And sorry for the snorting!” Sharon Felt

I am still laughing!! Everyone needs to see this show! Several hilarious pages from my diary!! Well done Anne Marie!!! Krista J Holmes-Storey
The people in the audience were laughing so hard they were crying. She did a fabulous job. What a great show ! Loved it. Kerry (from Stephen Leacock Theatre in Keswick)

"Just came back from a wonderful performance of SUDDENLY MOMMY! by AnneMarie Scheffler. If you are a parent, you MUST see this show. I highly, highly recommend this very touching and very funny performance which really hits the nail on the head in regards to what it means to be a mom (and dads/husbands will be able to relate, as well!). Even if you're not a parent, this is a charming story about how important it is to be true to yourself. See it while you can!” Emily Oriold Keay

We ABSOLUTELY loved it. It was hilarious, well played, had and excellent tempo, and needless to say REALLY hit home. Oh, and I have to add, I love your Celine Dion. Too much!!! A fantastic show! Bravo!!!!! Sandra Mifsud
This is a top-notch one-woman show - she is brilliant!
House Seats Survey

​It was a great pleasure seeing your show. Your take on motherhood is so damn refreshing. And on dating. And well, just about everything was in your owned my laugh out there today. I needed a good bracing raw veggie juice show with my vodka and you gave it to me. There's nothing funnier than the truth. I am of course a single father and have been for awhile and your show says it loud for me too.
Layne Coleman

REVIEW: Scheffler’s Suddenly Mommy! an uproarious delight by Chris Daponte
The Wellington Advertiser, ORANGEVILLE

Many new mothers often lament they did not know exactly what they were getting themselves into.

To be fair, no one ever tells them the whole story ... until now.
Suddenly Mommy!, a one-woman show written by and starring Anne Marie Scheffler, puts early motherhood on display - in all it’s unglamorous glory. The production, perhaps best described as a witty combination of sketch and stand-up comedy, is an absolute riot, with one hilarious line after another.

While it’s unclear exactly how much of the show is autobiographical, it’s obvious Scheffler relies on her own life experiences as an actress and mother to accurately relay the seemingly unending trail of guilt that can follow a typical mom each day, from her questionable nutritional choices to poor bedtime routines.

A Second City alumna with many film and television credits to her name, Scheffler provides an authentic and endearing performance from start to finish, eliciting sympathetic howls of familiarity from audience members.

Suddenly Mommy’s target demographic is obvious, but one doesn’t have to be a mother - or even a woman for that matter - to enjoy the jokes. The play does include some vulgar lines, as no topic is off limits for Scheffler, including the impact motherhood can have on a woman’s body and her sex life. Yet those scenes are also among the play’s best.

Much like a favourite movie, audiences could likely see Suddenly Mommy! multiple times and still uncover comedic gems with each viewing.

The script, which Scheffler seems to adapt to suit each performance, is fantastic (some local references are included here, as she grew up within minutes of the theatre). She really takes advantage of basically a non-existent set, a few props, a bit of music and a few lighting changes, to paint a particular scene or portray characters.

Many people cringe when they hear about single-player productions, but Scheffler erases all such concerns within minutes. And she expertly relays the hilarity in the negative aspects of motherhood, without overshadowing the joys of the experience. Indeed, despite all the blunders, surprises and disasters along the way, one gets the impression that Scheffler, like countless other mothers, wouldn’t change anything.

Suddenly Mommy! is the funniest Theatre Orangeville production of the last decade.

It’s laugh-out-loud funny. It’s good, not-so-clean fun. And it’s a fabulous way for parents - mothers in particular - to escape the mundane routines of parenthood, if only for a few hours.​

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